Doctors most powerful APP- SOS4DR

Doctors most powerful APP- SOS4DR

Protecting the doctors for establishing mankind in the society:

The SOS4DR APP is a safety APP designed for safeguarding the doctors at the times of need or when they are in some serious life threatening crisis.

The Safety APP For Doctors is made to notify all at a time when panic button is used in danger. This APP is an initiative of RAD365 Technology Pvt. Ltd with cooperation from the WBDF designed to avail the initial help to the doctors irrespective for their situation at times of need.

The Safety APP aims to notify the entire Doctor fraternity at times when any problematic events occur with speciality and location wise helps for better management and stable situation in order to control down the emergency condition.

Key Features

The important features for the APP SOS4DR are planned accordingly to provide immediate help to the doctors and handle rough situations to reduce the rick factors and render aid to the doctors in trouble as quickly as possible in any unpleasant state.

  • Live SOS Notification: This particular feature sends a notification to the entire doctors’ community instantly when any doctor is surrounded in any problematic situation for immediate action.
  • Location Tracking: The SOS4DR APP helps to track down the location of the doctors with help of Google location of mobile and forwards it as a red signal alert.
  • Social Media Integration:The SOS4DR APP is integrated with social media which helps sending notification to the Facebook community for posting the red alert notification with Google location for spreading the news to the entire doctors’ community.
  • Offline SOS:If you don’t have internet connectivity, still SOS4DR will be able to send SOS Notification to your selected members informing them your present location and status through mobile network.


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