Privacy Policy

SOS4DR app is dedicated to doctors community to keep them out or help them in difficult situations. Once a doctor faces any difficulty/danger or anywhere where he/she needs help this app is ideal to get an immediate response. Aim of this APP is to notify all Doctors community once some of them are not in a pleasant situation.


Users :

Our users are doctors. Doctors need registration with the forum ("West Bengal Doctors Forum") to use SOS4DR APP. Activation of SOS4DR APP is subjected to document
verification and validation.

How It Works:

Once the APP is activated, users can send the notification to the community when they need help due to unexpected situation arises.

The notification will capture the user’s current Google location and all active users will get the notification.

This information is also shared in a forum’s social media site so that community member can also notice one of their members are raising SOS alert.

If in any cases, data service is not working, the notification will be sent thru SMS. In this case, SMS alert will be sent to selected predefined persons.

Key Features

1. Live SOS Notification: SOS4DR app notification will be sent instantly to the entire community.
2. Location Tracking : SOS4DR app will capture google location of mobile while send.
3. Social Media Integration : Social Media integration with SOS. Once SOS sent, notification will be posted to Facebook community.
4. Offline SOS : If internet connection not available, SOS sent through mobile network to the user selected members.
5. Search for Doctor(s): You can see other doctor live location track. And also you can manage radius of map for showing other doctor.
6. Police Stations: You are able to see your nearest police station whenever required and you can also manage radius of map for showing nearest police stations.

Phone Call Permission:

1) To call police station when in danger

2) To call the emergency number when in danger

SOS4Dr app is dedicated to doctor’s community to keep them out or help them in difficult situations. Once a doctor faces any difficulty/danger they can directly make a phone call to the nearest police station or they call to the Emergency number they have saved earlier.

SOS4Dr App is ideal to get immediate response and allows you to call when in danger.


Find Location

1) Access to get current position of user so that assistance can be given

Depending on the SOS4Dr services that you use, and your app settings or device permissions, we may collect your precise or approximate location information as determined through data such as GPS, IP address and Wi-Fi.

If you are a doctor and have provided permission for the processing of location data, SOS4Dr collects location information when the App is running in the foreground. In certain regions, the App also collects this information when the app is running in the background of your device if this collection is enabled through your app settings or device permissions.

SOS4Dr shares your location with your permission to the doctor’s community when in any difficulty/danger, and also shares your details and location in the facebook page of SOS4Dr, to notify all Doctors community once any one of them are not in pleasant situation. Our main aim to get the access of your location is to give you assistance when needed.


Send SMS Permission:

1) Send SMS to contact in offline mode in time of emergency

SOS4Dr allows you to send SMS in Offline mode in any emergency if you don’t have internet connectivity, SOS4Dr is the safety App, and so keeping that in mind we have kept this option to send SMS to your contact list to avoid any difficulty.


Read SMS Permission:

1) To read the OTP message so that program can be initiated

SOS4Dr takes your permission to read the OTP message while you Login the App for better user experience, the user can also put the OTP manually in the SOS4Dr App while login for this the user may or may not give the permission to read the message it depend on the user choice.


Boot Completed Permission:

1) If application is not active then also track the user location as it is a safety app

The App SOS4Dr takes your permission to track your location when the App is not active, as it’s the safety App so it is necessary to take track of your location when the app is not been used for your safety. In any difficulty or danger your location is shared with the doctor’s community and on the Facebook page of SOS4Dr to help you.